Captain Nemo

Limited run of 3 – 11″H x 8.5″W – bronze with marble base. Approximately 20 lbs.

available now

Johnny Atomic

Hello friends.

My name is Johnny and I’m a sculptor, painter and illustrator with decades of experience in the entertainment industry creating mind-blowing art and sculpture for amazing clients like Disney, LucasFilm, Harper Collins/Voyager and many more. 

In 2022 I was given the opportunity to follow my lifelong ambition of creating museum worthy bronze sculptures based on the greatest works of fantasy and adventure ever told. My new sculptures will include classics like Captain Nemo, Flash Gordon, The Headless Horseman, Solomon Kane, The Witch King of Angmar and Joan of Arc. And that’s just the line-up for year one!

The newly revamped Johnny Atomic Studios boasts a full team of experts in sculpture, steel working, photography and mold-making. That doesn’t even touch on the people that make the office run letting the creatives create without worrying about the electric bill.

I thank you for your interest in this amazing new project and I hope that you like what you see, as much as Johnny Atomic Studios enjoys bringing it to you.