Artist Statement

Johnny Atomic

Museum quality sculpture with a science fiction/fantasy flare is the vision of designer and lead sculptor Johnny Atomic. Johnny is among the very few sci-fi artists to use the medium of bronze to capture the essence of classical literary fantasy figures like Captain Nemo, Buck Rogers, or the Witch King of Angmar. Johnny uses no digital resources in his work. All figures are hand-sculpted, hand-cast, and hand-poured in the purest bronze – for figures that must be seen to be believed.

Artist Statement

The atomic age cast a shadow over my early childhood, and the Cold War with its constant threat of nuclear holocaust was a negative and enduring influence on the minds of my generation. In the midst of this looming specter, my family’s journey from Cuba to the U.S. unfolded, providing a unique intersection of cultures. My fascination with pop culture started early, particularly observing my grandfather’s assimilation of the English language through newspapers and movies.

My grandfather harbored a profound love for what some might dismiss as “junk entertainment.” A film buff, he seamlessly integrated James Cagney and Humphry Bogart lines into his everyday conversations. His enthusiasm for shows like The Bionic Woman, Lost in Space and Buck Rogers became infectious.

Countless hours spent beside his recliner, absorbing a world of technological promise transformed my fears of the Atomic Age into sources of hope. Nuclear war became nuclear-powered bionic limbs. Emotionless computers evolved into helpful robotic companions and the common man, literally left behind by technology dominated the future through bravery and sheer will – The powers capable of destruction reimagined as forces that empower us.

Martin Caidin’s Bionic Woman is as profound to me as Michealangelo’s David was to viewers in his time. This is the foundation of what I now term Pop Classicism.  It’s an exuberant celebration of vulgar iconography, where societal traumas are transmuted into personal agency and the ordinary is elevated to the extraordinary. In my sculpted bronze artworks, I aim to convey the essence of this philosophy, where the visual language of the common experience merges with enduring themes, transcending the boundaries between high art and popular culture. Through these sculptures, I contribute to the continuum of art, echoing the indomitable human capacity to find motivation and inspiration amidst the chaos and complexities of life.